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Journey - The Story of Perseverance Through Forgiveness

There are many different Journeys through many different things. It is my desire to see people from all walks of life be healed and whole, and know there is hope even when life seems bleak. So, stand tall and continue to walk through your JOURNEY with grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

Renewing Your Mind

Renewing Your Mind Book

Create a habit of getting into the word of God everyday.

It did not come natural for me to read the word of God every day. Matter of fact to read the bible at all once a week or even once a month was a stretch for me. One day I read that it takes 21-28 days to create a habit, and while I was going through a tough time in my life, I started by taking one verse a day and reading that verse all day. Soon enough I craved reading the bible. I wanted to read it all the time, and that is what lead to me write this devotional. I wanted to help other people to accomplish that. Maybe you need help getting into the habit of reading the bible, or maybe you know somebody that this devotional can help. Get it for them or yourself you won’t regret it.